A Book of Poems in Three Acts

by Kenneth Reveiz

Winner of the Fence Modern Poets Series Prize

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“a disquisition and denunciation”

-Sylee Gore, the Poetry Foundation

“What Kenneth Reveiz does to language in MOPES is very impressive. By disarticulating language, they really articulate desire. It's like they're arm or body wrestling with the language. A struggle. A kind of vigorous embrace that alters the natural or regular rhythm of things. Reveiz reinvents the lyric of love by making the absence or the desire or the refusal of the other into opportunities of rhythmic or lexical inventiveness. I really love it.”

- Stéphane Bouquet, author of Common Life

“Reveiz punctuates with lol’s and heart-signs, or with mimicries of Elizabethan English, to throttle the artifice of establishment value. In strains at once breakneck, salacious, mordant, and loudly opposed, Reveiz seeks a poetry tantamount to the ‘most fucking amazing fully distanceless thing’—that is, unapologetic and adequate to the task of the present.”

— Roberto Tejada, author of Still Nowhere in an Empty Vastness: History & Metaphor

“A frontal collection with concerns ranging from desire to aesthetics to the absolute exigency of lived social equality across race and culture, MOPES is sure to make you cry and laugh.”

—Rebecca Wolff, Fence editor, Fence Modern Poets Series judge

“But what happened in between scrolling, we had a life, we still have a life, or at least a body, we are still scrambling to even know what it means to connect to another person, or even to a word. Reveiz says a poem is not a poem is not a poem, and after all, the only important thing is to allow ourselves to actually feel that loneliness, and keep breathing, keep enduring: it's gonna be OK — Reveiz has our back.”

- Nina Menkes, director of Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power